Ada Stefanie Namani * Devinderjit
Positive Vibration


Depression, burn-out, anxiety- and post traumatic stress disorder; challenging realtionships or habits; but also times of re-orientation through spiritual revelation and other upheavals – all these are challenges many of my clients take to my office. For our work on these issues, I chose both holistic and pinpoint methods.

Sometimes, it can be rewarding to find and resolve causes in the past; often, new approaches of dealing with today's challenges are what it takes to tune into what you've grown to be. Individually, we see what exactely is needed, and very often I am surprised at how fast and deep clients integrate steps of change we found in cooperation. As soon as blocks of growth have been set aside, and potential has been strengthened, your personality can show in all its facettes.  

What Tecniques do we apply?

Some clients love to work energetically, others like (or detest) practicing the way they act in specific situations, or have special interest in the web of relationships they live or work in. Accordingly, one therapy session can differ considerably from the next.

A choise of my tecniques: 

Therapeutic conversation – gain clarity, relieve by uttering disturbing feelings or circumstances, self-experience, shared disentageling of inner dynamics or relations; find meaning in your own history  

Bioenergetic bodywork – tracing hidden energy and imprinting in your muscular structure; act and experience emotion yet unlived  

Hypnotherapy – reflect and change inner images and dynamics; expand your repertoire of action and reaction; enhance self healing potential and healthy habits  

Psychodrama – elaborate an overall view of complex situations in your live and your habits of dealing with them, practice alternative action  

Coaching – consciousness of inner voices and hidden agendas; values, impulse and their consequences. Working on the level of active consciousness, expand your range of action 

Inter-cultural insights: some conflicts might occur because of the way and the values you were brought up with, with experiences you had in your home culture; or with antagonisms to the surroundings you live in, now. As a cultural anthropologist, I am very aware of these, and find it very helpful make them utterable, translatable and communicatable.  

Therapeutic relationship – learn from your interaction with me about the way you create relationship with others  

Placement on family/organization-board – make visible and rearrange dynamics in relationship  

Councelling – benefit from the therapist's outside view and experience (also yogic integrated knowledge); find strategies yet untried  

Yogic techniques – deal with and transform a problem's energetic aspects; experience productive ways to deal with emotion; access your potential  

Sound therapy – enhance your body consciousness and your ability to relax; energize; help your nervous system process hypertension and trauma  Reiki – boost regeneration and self-healing, energize; enhance physical consciousness; link with remote persons and experiences

How long will this be taking?

It depends very strongly on the your own needs and preferences. One session might do a lot; more often, an period of weekley, two-week or monthly co-operation might follow to enhance profound change.

How much will it cost?

My fee depends on your income or property. Clients with a moderate income usually pay Eu 50 per 60-minutes-session; with good income Eu 65; with very good income/ property Eu 80.

Private German health insurances or additional insurances will partly cover the costs if psychotherapy by a naturapath is not excluded – please ask your insurance agent. Otherwise, you estimate and balance how you can afford the neccassary amount of therapy sessions. My work is NOT vovered by public health insurances (i. e. NOT by gesetzliche Krankenkassen)

How to start?

Usually with an initial session in my office; otherwise on the phone or on skype. My office/practice is in Hamburg-Altona; therapy hours on mondays and tuesdays. Telephone or skype sessions are optional. Please contact me (click "Impressum/Kontakt"; there you'll also see the location of our office).